places to lose oneself

quiet places that neither reveal themselves easily, nor ask anyone to specifically to come there

creek meandering past where the winter gods live 2  32″ x 24″   watercolour on arches paper






Tania Kasperska Fabulous…!!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Tania, kind of place where i feel at home…

Ed Reliuga Truly astounding, Michael.

Jeanette Marshall You are breaking new ground in Canadian art history, Micheal! I expect that there will be a big wing in some major institution to house your creative treasures once you’ve departed the Blue Marble.

Micheal Zarowsky got my passport renewed but not in any hurry to travel off planet – okay thanks for the confidence in the lasting power of the work but as you say it appears i will benefit from it even less than i am doing so from it while alive

Ed Reliuga The real trick is to gain notoriety for your work…..get that big wing in some major institution….and to earn a fat living while still inhabiting this Blue Marble.

I’m rooting for you Michael

Micheal Zarowsky i like the fat living part – no sugars just a diet high in fat living

Susan Mary Shimmering wonder 🙂

Micheal Zarowsky shimmering and melting wonder – it was early november, still warm and the snow was melting faster than i could sketch it…

Ellen Cowie Seriously a favourite of mine now! I must see it in person! El Marshall take a look!!!

Micheal Zarowsky it is only matted up / no frame nor plexi for it as yet / why, do you think i ought toss it into the mix?

Karen Phillips Curran wonderful work

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Karen, hopefully some of me comes thru the work otherwise

Cathy Groulx Any news from the WAG?

Micheal Zarowsky Hi Cathy, yep yep yep. thanks for all your efforts; they chose one of the 2 i sent in. will drop it off july 4th or so….

Cathy Groulx I got one in too! Congratulations! When you and Wendy are coming give me a call or e-mail me and perhaps we can meet for a coffee. Would be nice to have a visit and tour Woodstock

Micheal Zarowsky Cathy Groulx sounds like a plan

Wendy Truswell Wow

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Wendy


Berni Aziz shared your post.

1 Marilyn Woolston


Frank Horenkamp This guy does really nice stuff. Excellent.

Berni Aziz He has two (I think) websites that have myriads of the best stuff! I recently made the most spontaneous purchase I’ve ever made because I am smitten with his infinity rings…I am quite happy!!

Frank Horenkamp Good for you you go girl

Micheal Zarowsky the watercolour page tries to, with limited success, to focus on watercolours…our studio (martha’s in paget) when we were in bermuda, / sunlight sneaking in 22″ x 30″


Berni Aziz You are full of clarity! A clear vision you see. It is not really abstract, at all. It is authentic truth of light and dark. I like your brain wiring, Micheal.

Micheal Zarowsky well, ‘abstract’ in the sense of an idea being abstracted from the whole; the idea trying to express the essence of what is there; as to wiring: hmmm  Any questions of originality are they a multi faceted function of
seeing developed over time or can they be a direct expression of expression of
how one is wired up one of course one realizes how one is wired .. up. My wiring, well lets not go there…

Frank Horenkamp Do I sense a possible Asperger connection? The perception, eye for detail, talent and the form in writing? That’s a compliment by the way. I just felt a complexity when viewing your work and reading what you wrote. Diagnosed myself hope you don’t mind me asking.

Micheal Zarowsky replied · 1 Reply

Micheal Zarowsky hi Frank, not sure this is a subject for public discussion.

Frank Horenkamp I understand. In my case it doesn’t bother me though. Just thought I’d let people know so they understand me a little better. Anyways I can understand why Berni loves your paintings so much.

Micheal Zarowsky can continue this privately – on messenger? to see where it goes if you want although am away this weekend working a show


winter reflections rippling towards chill of dusk 32″ x 50″ x 1 3/4″  watercolour / acrylic painted direiictly on gessoed birch panel

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