a painting of deep snow

sometime posting a work online brings out a conversation which speaks a lot about not only the work itself, but how people are seeing / responding / thinking / liking or disliking it / in this way reposting it here the conversation becomes part of the seeing the painting itself


Micheal Zarowskyยท

deep snow / forest interior
12″ x 18″
watercolour on arches paper



15 Sandra Heller, Marilyn Woolston and 13 others



Lorraine Roy Oh just beautiful. I am there.

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Lorraine, toss in the deep resonating rat-tat-tat of a pileated and the fullness is complete

Ed Reliuga ‘ The sound my heart makes when it is truly excited…enraptured…caught up in a moment of Winter’s charm ‘.

Micheal Zarowsky why thank you Ed, not quite like paris, where nomatter where you stand, there is a masterpiece just waiting to be painted, but i do find, not without effort, i have a knack for bringing out what is magical about winter…

Ed Reliuga I was truly taken aback. This piece truly captured EVERYTHING about woods in winter except for the frosty breath and frozen toes. From deadfalls to the struggling young pines: brilliant green against slumbering background.

Beautiful Michael. “A knack” ….. Indeed. Though I suspect sorcery

Janet Bloomer Roberson Micheal Zarowsky Yes you do!

Ed Reliuga Something else grabbed my eye….violet hues. I daresay…seldom seen or encountered in such deep richness. Nice.

Micheal Zarowsky Ed Reliuga hmmmmm…i do tend to eat a bit of the snow whereever i am, try to discern if the snow, much like wine, is of a ‘good year’ or not; actually it is fun to go deep into the tangled chaos that the forest is in the winter, and try to express that feeling / sensation of total immersion,

Micheal Zarowsky Ed Reliuga violets come later in the afternoon as the sun dips below the yardarm – open winter stream 22″ x 30″ watercolour on arches paper








Diane Cantin Sivret AMAZING; very beautiful Micheal.

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Diane, winter and watercolour both start with the letter ‘wuh’ ( idea in part stolen from the movie called ‘a fish called wanda’ )

Diane Cantin Sivret Micheal Zarowsky You really have a lot of talent; all the topics you choose are all incredibly successful. Excuse my English who is not very good ๐Ÿ˜‰

Micheal Zarowsky Diane Cantin Sivret thanks Diane, we simply paint what we like paint our experience,

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