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…autumn day about many things….

autumn and eternity scattered along the water’s edge
20″ x 26″
watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel





25 Sherry Warren-Biers, Josy Britton and 23 others

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Tania Kasperska Excellent always..!!

okay so while there is a healthy smattering of interest in the watercolour on paper i ought sneak in that there is a alternate study of the reflection with birches from divine lake that was managed with watercolour and acrylic on gessoed birch panel which has a totally different feel to it

birches across the pond
30″ x 24″
mixed media on gessoed birch panel

22 Sue Miller Art, Hilary Clark Cole and 20 others


Micheal Zarowsky thanks Tania, collaborative piece – beavers ate the trees into submission and Wendy bounced up n down on them to stir the waters and i painted it all leaving the beavers and Wendy out of it

Manon Beaute Gorgeous!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Manon, so glad you like it

Micheal Zarowsky

Yesterday at 7:16pm ·

Got back late last night from a few lost days up Georgian Bay to discover my painting (from tiny Divine Lake which is really but a beaver pond), has been awarded a prize, the Colors of Nature gift certificate, in the Open Water 2017 Show at the Aird Gallery, Toronto

birches across the pond autumn reflection
30″ x 22″
watercolour on arches paper


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Janet Bloomer Roberson Bravo 🙌

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Janet, glad the judges saw something in it they liked.

Janet Bloomer Roberson Micheal Zarowsky There is so much to love, Micheal!

Micheal Zarowsky Janet Bloomer Roberson so i ought not mention how Wendy was jumping up an down on the birch making water patterns in the still pond pissing the beavers right off.

Janet Bloomer Roberson Micheal Zarowsky Great memories you have 🙌

Micheal Zarowsky Janet Bloomer Roberson Elva Hook, during the cabbagetown show told me i ought gather them together in a booklet or book depending on my memory.

Janet Bloomer Roberson Micheal Zarowsky I agree!!

Heather Sisman Micheal Zarowsky Do this! I’m in awe of your art, but your writing is even more descriptive and spellbinding 😊

Micheal Zarowsky Heather Sisman sure okay given i only put in 16 hour days up to now what;s a few more hours – i can sleep forever once i’m dead

Heather Sisman How bout just keep doing what you’re doing then? 🙂

Micheal Zarowsky Heather Sisman like i can afford to do anything else… actually it might be fun to steal a few moments here n there towards it.

Heather Sisman Micheal you have such a way with words that maybe you should invest some time telling your story! I only know bits and pieces but would love to hear more! I always read the comments when you post because I love hearing how your work came to be.

Micheal Zarowsky you mean like having been commissioned to do a painting of poison ivy for a dermatologist so he could show his patients what they rolled in, i, who ought know better, have just applied a rash batch of it with a 2nd tube of lyderm…

Heather Sisman oh dear. I hope it clears up!

Micheal Zarowsky Heather Sisman of course silly….medicine has come a long way since…..

Jeanette Marshall Congratulations!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Jeanette, appreciate your congrats and must say i was knee deep in a new beaver pond while this one was getting noticed.

Jeanette Marshall Such a great place to be — both places.

Micheal Zarowsky Jeanette Marshall thought i would have the north all to myself only to find no shortage of people wandering about

Jeanette Marshall Is it migration season?

Micheal Zarowsky there were swarms of gathered birds doing air-o-bics as if practicing for circ de soleil / other wise saw 3 great blues one egret a night heron had 4 turkey vultures circling directly overhead sizing me up for a meal several hawks tons of squawking bluejays oodles of chippys running across the roadways several deer and lots and lots of moored boats

Jeanette Marshall I meant for the human species, lol. : )

Micheal Zarowsky well there were bunches of them, ‘groups’ is the word here, but they did not get very high off the ground nomatter how hard they flapped their arms,

Jeanine Laskar

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Jeanine, i like the idea of a high horizon line; worked the idea thru on panel with watercolours n acrylics and it has totally different feel to it – birches across the pond 30`x 24` watercoour é acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel

Jeanine Laskar Bravo

Micheal Zarowsky Hi Jeanine, thank you so much

Marilyn M. Elliott Yay!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Marilyn, i agree yah says it all

Josy Britton Congratulations Michael! Richly deserved! I saw your painting last night.

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Josy, okay so no parents. ha ha.. still if they had come back from the other side i am sure they would have brought good news regarding whether i am hellbound or not.

Josy Britton So sorry, that was autocorrect. I must proofread.

Micheal Zarowsky Josy Britton so they did not come back from the other side? darn. i was waiting on some good news…. just kidding….

Micheal Zarowsky saw your pic with Rayne, Neville and Anita and one other man i don’t know and my piece in the background

Marilyn Woolston Congratulations Micheal!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Marilyn, been a while between awards now

Cathy Groulx Stunning! Justly deserved!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Cathy, you are very kind

Michael Dufresne Congratulations, Micheal!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Michael, almost made it up to your neck of the woods again

Garry Hamilton Congratulations Micheal

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Gary, appreciate your thoughts here.

Doug Paget Way to go Michael – well deserved……

Micheal Zarowsky thank you Doug, i do like what we were able to express thru paint in this one

Mari Jo DeWaal Beautiful! Congratulations!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Mari Jo, how neat. you wore a red outfit to match the painting

Janis Duff Wonderful news. Good on you Michael!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Jan, and even more birthday wishes to / for you; hopefully you will celebrate all year long

Vera Bobson Congratulations 🙂

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Vera, my first and only award this year …so far….

Gunilla Holmgren 💓 💓 💓

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Gunilla, what a heartfelt comment.

Tania Kasperska Great work ,great painting..!!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Tania, so glad you like it

Robyn Rennie That’s wonderful – congratulations!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Robyn, appreciate your kind thoughts


The flyer response

Joel Zelikovitz Congrats Michael. Great honour and accomplishment

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Joel, very kind of you notice let alone offer compliments.




Marilyn Woolston Congratulations Micheal!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Marilyn, iti s a good show and our piece fits right in with it


Cathy Groulx Wish it was closer! I would love to see this show!

Micheal Zarowsky you think they would put the exhibit up on their watercolour page, a different painting or 2 per day

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