beaver ponds, reflections and poison ivy: all part of summer


broken line and colour

drowned land (5)
24″ x 32″
watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel

Image may contain: plant, outdoor, water and nature
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Ed Reliuga and just when I thought I had seen your full array of “tricks”… do this. “Infinity rings” morphed into so many fractyls. I’m surprised and, again, in awe.

Micheal Zarowsky no no not tricks, envelopes, pushing the envelope, most of the time, envelope gallops across the Serengeti without needing any help; sometimes it needs a push (pond with birch reflection 12 mile bay rd 26 x 40 watercolour on arches paper)

Image may contain: plant, outdoor, water and nature

Ed Reliuga gasp

You do realize that you are now entering the realm of artistic sorcery!

Seriously, Michael, you “do things” that are truly amazing and stupendous. I watch. I look…..try to understand and learn. Each time, you leave me in a state of stupified wonder. My mouth is officially agape.

Micheal Zarowsky occasionally self-centered moments arise, in which i will for a brief second or 2 entertain the thoughts that i am perhaps one of the more original and in that sense best watercolourists in this country, but then i pick up a glass cleaner, clean my glasses and see that i am only a legend in my own mind, and then go back n wonder just how if ever, i am ever gonna sell another painting…..
Micheal Zarowsky i posted this cause it was in the show over the weekend, at least on friday, got no response so i took an hour off on saturday morning, and drove it over to and left it with Ester at Gallery on the Lake in Buckhorn, who shows n tries to sell some of my work. she liked it as well….so we shall see what luck she has with it……



Marilyn M. Elliott Ed Reliuga I agree about the sorcery. I would so love to watch him actually do this!

Micheal Zarowsky Marilyn M. Elliott it’d be like watching paint dry…no wait… that’s exactly what it would be, so in search of a metaphor here, hmmmm okay i got it…it would be like watching grass grow

Marilyn M. Elliott Micheal Zarowsky We’ll be the judge! Set a video camera on a tripod and let it roll next time you’re working on one of these then post it here.

Micheal Zarowsky Marilyn M. Elliott like i own a video camera! there is a thought that has never crossed my mind before. i have an early digital came i use to record the paintings a week or 2 after i have detached myself from them and Wendy n I agree we will not paint over them

Marilyn M. Elliott Micheal Zarowsky It did occur to me to ask but I just forged ahead instead. 😉 Still, it would be nice to see!

Micheal Zarowsky Marilyn M. Elliott i am trying to figure out how to manage getting / paying for  an android i-phone type thingy so i get get on instagram and explore the promotional value i hear so much about there. so am still a horse n buggy riding thru a techno space age worl


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