august pond

august pond / worked out the largest water pattern as yet a 48″ x 48″ square and posted it before i worked out in my head whether or not i was satisfied with the result; it is everything i wanted it to be  so no concerns there or that way, i guess just the size of it was unusual and so needed some time to adjust  / wrap my head around that; a number of comments beyond the wonderful sort, which actually expressed some looking at the painting helped bring into it into focus for me; in the end it is what it is.

silence ‘n a lot of stirred colour on the water
48″ x 48″ x 1 3/4″
watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel

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Tania Kasperska Fantasitic work..!!
Micheal Zarowsky thank you Tania, still deciding on this one
Willene Kanasky So refreshing, and calming
Micheal Zarowsky okay i will gladly take those thoughts
Willene Kanasky Micheal Zarowskyit’s been over 100 degrees here in Texas for the past month, almost every day–I need cool, calming visions and thoughts to keep me going . . .

Micheal Zarowsky open stream 7 late winter 22″ x 30″ watercolour on arches paper
ought cool things down for you…..
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Ed Reliuga Michael. Simply brilliant. I can’t stop looking at this one. I just can’t and , frankly, I don’t want to stop. Beautiful. I’ve been transported.
Micheal Zarowsky okay cause the jury in my head was still out on this one when i pppppp-ppposted it….
Ed Reliuga Really? You weren’t ‘certain’ about this one? Frankly, I love it. It has a strange quality, indeed. It is rather minimal but it does definitely capture something very evocative of Summer, sitting by the pond or creek (I was just at Sharon Creek near Delaware) with the sun causing a ballet of light. I am glad that you didn’t have a mistrial or hung jury on this one.
Micheal Zarowsky well okay still have to build edges for it n then paint them / was concerned it was oh so freaking boring / but then maybe not… who knows….
Ed Reliuga boring? the image is alive! Perhaps you have been looking at it too long or , maybe you are right and I haven’t looked at it long enough.
Micheal Zarowsky well yes it is alive, or put another way, has life to it; need to calm my head is all…..
Alan Doner I love your work Micheal.
Micheal Zarowsky thanks Alan, very kind of you to take your time to come by look and share how you feel about what we do. wendy n I both appreciate it.
Alan Doner I hope you are both well.
Micheal Zarowsky Alan Doner thanks Alan, and you too! but yes Wendy has had nearly a month of no intestinal issues in fact the other day i saw her sprinkling hot sauce on some of her food;
Alan Doner Scotch Bonnett?
Micheal Zarowsky Alan Doner i get that for me / Wendy was having Redhot

Zarowsky at Cavan Art Gallery Show with Lucy Manley

\\\\Image may contain: plant, outdoor and water\\\

Valerie Kent

8 hrs

Micheal Zarowsky featured at this is the Beaver Pond mixed media on wood panel.
16 x 16. 705 944 9444

Ed Reliuga Again……Michael, you surprise me anew. You’ve literally made an abstract of one of your abstracts! Astounding result.
Micheal Zarowsky replied1 Reply
the painting, in it’s entirety
beaver pond with lilies
16″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″
watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel.

New Work at Art With Panache Gallery, London, ON

Audrey at Art with Panache on London, has my works up on her walls / nine new pieces all original, unique and for sale.





the top one is fog n horizon, bay of fundy, outside digby / the bottom suggests some of the magic a winter trail on a sunny can lead one to experience / both are at Audrey’s Art with Panache Gallery in London, ON

full moons n’ winter

trail thru the pines
24″ x 24
 watercolour painted directly on absorbent ground
on gessoed birch panel
Linda A Noel Michael is one of the best water colour artists in
Toronto. Go and attend one of his shows, you will be very happy if you did.
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17 hrs


Micheal Zarowsky thank you LInda, i was thinking singular, but hey what the hell; no shows right now mid august, but the studio is open for those who call ahead:
another new winter: timeless moments
12″ x 12″ x 1 3/4″
watercolour painted directly on absorbent ground on gessoed birch panel
sunlight after a new snowfall in paradise
24″ x 24″
watercolour painted directly on abrsorbent ground on gessoed birch panel

location location location

got a fun email today which made it worth while to repost the painting displayed

at the Woodstock Art Gallery during their Visual Elements 59 Exhibition:

Cathy Groulx []     Thu 03/08/2017 1:03 PM

WAG painting

Hi Micheal, I just thought I should tell you that your painting is front and centre as you walk into the gallery where the Visual Elements show is on exhibit. It is the first thing that the eye goes to. My friend and I went again today so we could compare ideas and thoughts about the works. She voted for you for the Public Choice award. Just thought you would like to know you have acquired another fan! Cathy








 open cedar stream (eramosa river)  32″ x 50″  watercolour on arches paper

birch n reflection

birches literally cling along the north shore of the steep embankment of the black river just east of coopers falls; one let go and while still held to the shore by its roots was bobbing out in the silent swift black waters currant that the river is at this point; isolating the birch n it’s reflection made for a perfect abstract idea worth painting. Wendy jumping up and down on the birch causing rippling reflections made it into a series…..

(am sure some of these done on panel, were previously posted here; the work on paper is new)

the only watercolour of this where you can feel the stillness of the air in the silence

birch n reflection 9 11″ x 24″ (frames at 18″ x 32″) watercolour on arches paper





birches 8   12″ x 24″  watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel






birches 6b    12″ x 16″ watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel 








birch n reflection 12  10″ x 12″ watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel 



i may rework the darkness further in this one

00 birch n reflection 11 12″ x 24″  watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel

new lido bikes

red honda harbour st toronto

19″ x 14″

watercolour on arches paper









lido bikes 164 16″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″

from kensington, the original farmers market, on augusta,                                                                                                   now fighting for its life with trendy moving in









lido bikes 161 16″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″ 

watercolour/ acrylic painted directly on absorbent ground on gessoed birch panel









lido bikes 160 18″ x 12″ x 1 3/4″   

watercolour/ acrylic painted directly on absorbent ground on gessoed birch panel  


lido bikes 162 16″  x 16″ x 1 3/4″ 

watercolour/ acrylic painted directly on absorbent ground on gessoed birch panel  









lido bikes 163     16″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″

watercolour/ acrylic painted directly on absorbent ground on gessoed birch panel 

drowned land

encounters with silence on a day of many colours

drowned land, beaver pond
48″ x 36″
watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel



18 Hilary Clark Cole, Berni Aziz and 16 others

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Alan Doner I find this entire painting so compelling I’m drawn to all areas equally.

 Micheal Zarowsky thanks Alan, little more patterned rhythm at the top where it was not as open to the wind but yes wind and water make for magic

Tania Kasperska Fantastic work ,very beautiful painting..!!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Tania, it has taken my eyes a day to stop shimmering after finishing this….

Berni Aziz shared your post.

16 hrs ·


Frank Horenkamp His complexity is amazing

Micheal Zarowsky actually it is nature that has a complexity…. i simply dabble at the edges of it

Frank Horenkamp As a lifelong professional artist myself I never was capable of doing much in the way of scenery. Buildings antique cars children’s book characters…! God granted me a gift but he sure went out of his way for you. Kudos my friend large kudos.

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Frank, so many different ways to be creative; you sound like my my dad who built his own tools when he needed to / built his own boats when he wanted one on and on….me… i just wander into magic and see how closely i can express what i see

Frank Horenkamp Well it’s kind of true can’t fix my own life but I can organize everybody else’s. Always said I could rebuild an engine with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Got tired to listening to my sister yell at my brother-in-law about moving the motor out of … front yard up the hill to the trash. Excuses like it’s too heavy I don’t have any help blah blah blah. So I got me a 2 x 4, a rock and did it myself. I’m sort of opinionated I don’t play well with others a lot of rejection in my life so I don’t take rejection well. Ergo I do nothing with my children’s books. Some dating back to 1984. I suppose I’ll end up a multi-billionaire after I’m dead. Whatever until actual prowess I may or may not have my forte is problem-solving. The keeps this swirling tornado in my head solvent. Search like sitting at the starting line at the drag strip and listening to the engine race at 5000 RPMs but knowing when to dump the clutch. That’s my life in a nutshell.

Frank Horenkamp Sorry forgot to edit again but I think you can figure it out.

Micheal Zarowsky nothing to do with anything – but i took apart piece by piece numbering each one as i went along a 61 slant 6 valiant cleaned it n put it back together – everything worked except the horn; lots of parallels (as i see myself as a problem solver among other things, but no talent to be real social or a sociable type)

1 hr

Frank Horenkamp I know what you mean me socializing is not good to say the least. People think you’re weird cuz you talk too much or not enough. Since I was diagnosed with Asperger’s 5 years ago I actually feel pretty good about myself for the first time in my life. .. Yet when you tell people that there’s a reason that I’m Different they don’t like it they just want you to be different so they can kick you without feeling bad. Right now I’m preparing roughly 15 cars for a car show this weekend where I have to socialize. Well it’s with people with like thinking Minds that love antique cars and the elite Mega millionaires. Last year I got my me so to speak as I was walking up to this group of Mega millionaires one of them was telling my client he got a headache from a how shiny his cars were. And my client precedes to tell him well pointing at me blame it on the M he’s the best Detroit has to offer. So once a year I put up with socializing.

Frank Horenkamp Edits: I got my, Emmy so to speak…we’ll blame it on him he’s the best Detroit has to offer

Micheal Zarowsky different in simply how one is wired up needs neither explanation nor apology;

 1 hr ·

Frank Horenkamp I used to want to be normal but I just didn’t fit in. You know the people that drive their SUVs or thier Camry. Then I realized what day I’m dealing with a 427 dual overhead cam 6000 horsepower funny car motor. Why would I want to drive a Toyota?

Micheal Zarowsky fuck normal: it is that simple

drowned land beaver pond 

24″ x 32″ 

watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed panel


thoughts on ‘time’

north of wilderness…..

daydream overhanging willows rustle their leaves
in the reflecting comfort of going nowhere
18″ x 26″
watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed birch panel







replies to the post included

Tania Kasperska Wonderful work..!!
Micheal Zarowsky thanks Tania, summer has arrived; polar bears nowhere in sight; snow geese making plans to go further north; all is well with the world….
Cathy Groulx I especially like the foreground leaf and branches on the right. It gives it greater depth! Nice one!
Micheal Zarowsky thanks Cathy, (i did simplify the right hand side down to a couple of leaves that you would have to visually work your way past before reaching the trees overhanging the water)
Cathy Groulx Mine lately are really large and taking a long time to finish!
Micheal Zarowsky you and i know that time does not matter:
Audrey Cooper Panache Art Gallery invites you to visit and enjoy original works by Micheal showing in our gallery now. This is so fine, Micheal Zarowsky.

..without making any more of it, in reference to part of the conversion posted above .
” Cathy Groulx: Mine lately are really large and taking a long time to finish!

Micheal Zarowsky: you and i know that time does not matter:”


i have always been of the mind that if you are an artist time

has nothing to do with painting / with the process of painting. once time enters in

you are on the clock and no longer an artist, merely a hack, still capable

of producing decent work but what

you will never see from a hack is anything brilliant.



sundown / fast moving open winter stream / watercoour

weekend display of new work

kind of an involved weekend for seeing our work everywhere but the studio…..

  we found out about last minute, no, actually, later than last minute about the Purple Turtle Art Festival at the bottom of Lake Simcoe, the Briar’s in Jackson’s Point, Ontario: called asked and we were found a space on the green.  Drop by and check out our new work on Saturday and Sunday July 8 – 9, 2017  – 10 am to 4 pm each day










Audrey Cooper at her Gallery, Art with Panache, at the Talbot Centre,  140 Fullerton St.,  in London Ontario has 9 new paintings of ours on display and sale.  including these lido bikes  16″ x 16″






We have 5 new works on display / for sale with Ester at the Gallery on the Lake during in Buckhorn during her Canada 150 Exhibition  this Saturday July 8th 1 to 4 pm



   Karin showing work at both at Eclipse Gallery locations, in Rosseau and at the Deerhurst Inn in Huntsville