dogwood sunset

Micheal Zarowsky
Reflections on the middle of nowhere: Watercolours / Acrylics / Pastels
Dogwood Sunset Series

this is a less of a repost and more of an update…Dogwood Sunset which was part of Wendy’s collection from the day it was painted, was shown to great attention and scooped up at the end of the show / could go on about being sad to see it go, but instead will look inside to see if there are any more red sunset / dogwood ideas in me waiting to come out

both red forest and dogwood sunset were born along the lowland cedar lined edges of the saugeen river

dogwood sunset 22″ x 30″  watercolour on arches paper






Red Forest 1 22″ x 30″ Watercolour on arches paper (sold)


Telling more stories in keeping with the idea of working in

Red Forest 2 22″ x 30″ Watercolour on arches paper (sold)

Wendy has called me artist guy for some time now. I guess
she was hoping to establish develop some sense of who I am
in me. Not that I don’t know who I am. Before this I was
would never catch me going into the woods with less than a
couple of cartons of fags on me; not that I was worried about
being lost in the forest; just worried about being lost without
anything to smoke. Going out regularly into the woods with
my dad as a kid enabled some intuitive directional sense in me.
Works the same way as dropping crumbs as you walk along
without the crumbs.

Red forest 3 22″ x 30″ Watercolour on arches paper (sold)


So Wendy feels if she can get some identity sense into me,
then when in the woods, when I lose my edges and become
one with the forest, just in case I go too far, before I start to
separate into molecular particles ready to disperse out into
the universe, I can summon up the ‘artist guy’ mantra and
collect myself and find my way out of the woods.




Red forest 4 22″ x 30″ Watercolour on arches paper (available for purchase)







Red forest 6 22″ x 30″ Watercolour on arches paper (available for purchase)


The red forest series grew out of losing myself in the woods.
Not losing my directions, well not really, but really becoming
so one with the forest so that nothing else mattered. and no, I
am not crazy.

Deep in the woods came upon a moment, when it didn’t
matter which direction I went next, north south east west
didn’t matter, I did not know where I was, exactly. I just
stood there, and felt the whole weight of the forest
surround me. It was amazing.

Dogwood forest 22″ x 30″ watercolour on arches paper (no longer available for purchase)


It was breathing and I was breathing along in time with it.
Part of it, I could feel the trees out there way beyond
those I could see. Amazing and out of control again.

Dogwood Sunset 4 22″ x 30″ Watercolour on arches paper (sold)


Conscious of the forces involved, driven by ideas I could
only grasp bit by bit as it grew with the painting, and
looking for totally unexpected results, yet free to control
my thoughts and change my perceptions of how to
translate this into paint / into the point of new
beginnings / to an aura of ‘coming upon’.\

Dogwood sunset 3 22 x 30 watercolour on arches paper


The red forest series was sketched out ‘in’ the forest
interior, and to convey that sense of ‘oneness of the
forest’ I felt, I simplified down the number of colours I
would use.




Red forest 7 18″ x 24″ Acrylic on gessoed birch panel (sold)

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