dogwood sunset

There is a completeness

then everything is simple
and everything is complicated at the same time,

my paintings have an overall simplicity or directness to them
yet are made up of all the complicated stuff
that is that simplicity

dogwood sunset
22″ x 30″
watercolour on arches paper





Ed Reliuga I’ve literally been trying to catch my breath.

Oh Michael!

Micheal Zarowsky kind of a piece that might get national attention you would think!

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Micheal Zarowsky fun painting idea, n’est ce pas!

Ed Reliuga Serendipity?

Temporary Pollack possession in the midst of a Zarowsky moment?

Frustration or a fortunate oops?

Whatever the Genesis of this sublime (subliminal ) cerebral download, it’s truly Magick.

Micheal Zarowsky telling stories at turkey time wandering away from the saugeen river                                                             dogwood sunset grew out of while deep in the woods came upon a moment,
when it didn’t matter which direction I went next, north south east west
didn’t matter, I did not know where I was, exactly. I just
stood there, and felt the whole weight of the forest surround me.
it was amazing.
It was breathing and I was breathing along in time with it.
Part of it, I could feel the trees out there way beyond
those I could see. Amazing and out of control again.
Conscious of the forces involved, driven by ideas I could
only grasp bit by bit as it grew with the painting, and
looking for totally unexpected results, yet free to control
my thoughts and change my perceptions of how to
translate this into paint / into the point of new
beginnings / to an aura of ‘coming upon’.\

dogwood sunset was sketched out ‘in’ the forest
interior, and to convey that sense of ‘oneness of the
forest’ I felt, I simplified down the number of colours I
would use.

Elva Hook WOW!!!!

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Elva, real happy with what we were able to express here:                                                                 Happy Thanksgiving to you Michael and Razor



Sandra Heller Oh wow! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

Micheal Zarowsky Thanks Sandra, assuming you are up here now,                                                                                        a Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours

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David Brown This piece is staggering Michael. Wow.

Micheal Zarowsky thank you very much, David; Wendy says Bless you,                                                                            really cool and great to hear from you; and from both of us, a Happy Thanksgiving to You and yours


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