evolving rains

Occasionally facebook posts end up in a thoughtful exchange worthy of reposting to the blog;                                                in keeping with trying to get anyone seeing my work to see it / see what is there/ these exchanges will on occassion focus on particular moments in time which is a large part of what we offer up: light and water explored / expressed thru particular moments in time.

Having said that; my post for the rainy day of the riverdale walk with the open option of coming by the studio on a later date unfolded as                                            

rainy day forecast tomorrow all around BOOTH 35

we may or may not last the morning / the day / will decide how to handle what there is to handle when we have to handle it….

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo…… if you don’t see us there tomorrow..
remember that the open studio remains open as long as there is interest

riverdale artwalk / jimmie simpson park,
queen street east between degrassi n booth ave., toronto
sat june 3rd & sun june 4th 11 to 6pm

website: www.zarowsky.net

appropriate flyer image given the weather:
(The beginning of) RAIN
26″ x 34″
watercolour on arches paper









Ed Reliuga gasp!


Micheal Zarowsky thanks Ed, we did a whole series of (beginning of) RAIN paintings from a friends place on the Saugeen River just outside Mt Forest. (The Beginning of) Rain 4 – 24″ x 32″ watercolour








Ed Reliuga My first reaction was ….”how is that even possible?”

I can understand the “mechanics” of painting. ‘that’ part is, clearly, possible.

What I have difficulty comprehending is “seeing” that way.ยท

Micheal Zarowsky just think backwards then paint backwards it is that simple: okay we were working sheltered under neath a bunch of cedars at the base of a hillside and could only work as long as the rain stayed delicate. (the beginning of) rain 14 26×34 watercolour








Ed Reliuga This one actually makes me ache. I can literally feel the finer than rain/more than most rain.

Sincerely, Michael, beautifully…..sublime.

Micheal Zarowsky (the beginning of) rain 11 40″ x 26″ watercolour



Ellen Cowie As always, you leave me in shock and awe!

Micheal Zarowsky looking forward to your event .





Marilyn M. Elliott Ed Reliuga It is “seeing” and being able to translate that to the brush. He is incredibly talented..

Micheal Zarowsky so much for being talented; will have to see if i can get a job at mcdonalds or something like it or join the homeless…….

Marilyn M. Elliott Micheal Zarowsky Being talented and getting rich, especially in the arts, may not be the same thing. Just ask Van Gogh. But no one can deny that incredible ability you have to turn a vision — what we all see — into an image.

Micheal Zarowsky nothing to do with being / becoming rich / never was / not getting into debt again pretending to be able to pay my bills so

Berni Aziz I pray the good Lord blesses you and yours abundantly in every way – from here on out! And He gives you everything that you need and want! xo

Ed Reliuga No Michael, no need to apologize. Ever. You clearly work hard — very hard. But everyone understands that your business is not a typical 9 – 5 gig. You (or God) chose that you be an artist. A tough job.

Or…..perhaps don’t understand the job and economics of being a self-employed artist?

Micheal Zarowsky forget i said anything.

Marilyn M. Elliott Micheal Zarowsky Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t think anyone paints thinking they will become rich from it. it’s a kind of “calling” — can’t help it, in other words. But it is nice when one can earn his/her living from this “calling”, impulse, whatever it is.

Micheal Zarowsky have never done anything else / outside of putting myself thru Uni driving cab / have sold 13K+ paintings since we started and still as broke as day we began so no becoming rich was never really a motivating force……

Ellen Cowie Micheal Zarowsky the greatest compliment one can give an artist is                                                       to purchase their art. …Renoir

Micheal Zarowsky Ellen Cowie friends in switzerland who have some of infinity rings n rain paintings’ said: Caroline wrote: “I so love that you create an absolutely impossible situation to then shine! I have two ‘gessoed’ paintings of yours and everyone just stops and stares – and often reach out to touch… That’s how much they draw you in! They have an irresistible luminousness.”

Micheal Zarowsky Ellen Cowie like i could affffffford a Renoir.

october rain  22″ x 40″ watercolour on arches paper


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