New Friends At the Chapel Gallery

MUST see show on right now at Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge. Don’t let the cool wintry card fool you, inside is a delicate riot of colour, images online do not do it justice. I’ve posted a link in the comments to one of the pieces in the show. One of my several (!) favourites.
Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc. Micheal Zarowsky









Col Mitchell Paper Artist Studio & Boutique Here’s another just to show how wonderfully translucent and layered the colours are.…/autumn-pond-reflection-x…






Col Mitchell Paper Artist Studio & Boutique My Fave:…/autumn-on-the-pond-18-43×33…

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Col, really appreciate that an exceptional artist like yourself has made such an effort for us.. and it was fun to spend a few minutes talking with you today. micheal n Wendy,


Col Mitchell Paper Artist Studio & Boutique You’re very kind! And I am happy to share. Thanks for taking the time as I was rather early.
And I was just entranced by your work. Similar to my work all that delicate detail needs to be seen in person

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