podcast link to radio interview at Hunters Bay Radio

Found the podcast link to the radio interview on Hunters Bay Radio, 88.7 fm, in Huntsville a week ago Monday for my exhibition coming up end of March at the Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge
which was broadcast at the early hour of 7 :30 am on Sunday March 4th,
and will be again tonight at11 pm on Monday March 5th;








Hi Micheal and Wendy

I just got a chance to listen to the radio interview. Wow! I was just blown away. 

That lady was really promoting your work

and your technique. You said all the right things, nice soft voice. I like the part about you go where the water and light takes you

and that nature is a mess. I hope many people will now see your work on the Huntsville web site and  get inspired make the drive to your Light and Water show!


In the morning I listened to the broadcast about being grateful. And I was grateful and happy all day.


Take care,


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