radio interview and solo exhibition of new work

did a radio interview in Huntsville on Monday on Hunters Bay Radio, 88.7 fm,  

             which will be broadcast at the early hour of 7 :30 am on Sunday March 4th,

     and 11 pm on Monday March 5th;


   – thankfully Helena will send along a link to a podcast

which i can post on our website,

                 FB or email to anyone desperate enough to want to hear me ramble on


      all for a  show coming up end of march at the chapel gallery in bracebridge



















Frank Horenkamp, I have Asperger’s, too much pretty at once ow! My head hurts. I’m so confused! Asperger meltdown, EXTREME DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

Micheal Zarowsky chill Frank very easy; just go smoke a joint

Berni Aziz The “Eternity Rings” are my absolute favs…and he has so many perfect ones – these are just a smidgen!!

Micheal Zarowsky replied1 Reply
Frank Horenkamp I feel like Mr. Spock, it does not compute. Amazing talent isn’t he?

Berni Aziz Yep, Asperger’s on overdrive, no….warp speed!! Great art eye!

Micheal Zarowsky trying to keep this quiet you know….

Berni Aziz Micheal Zarowsky It is a blessing bestowed on great & talented Bohemians of all kinds! I think you are incredibly gifted!!

Micheal Zarowsky i do like ginsberg / ferlinghetti / all the beats…still as alive today as when…

Frank Horenkamp I may be wimpy but I’m still astute and observant.

Berni Aziz Wimpy? No, not at all. Remove from vocabulary, capiche????

Micheal Zarowsky wimpey said to popeye, can i get hamburger today n pay you on wednesday or something like that

Margie Macdonald shared your post

Micheal Zarowsky thanks Margie, Helena mentioned she’d like to have me back for another one, so i guess i could not have been all that bad….

Margie Macdonald That is so wonderful!!!

Micheal Zarowsky after this sky diving…..

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